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Combating COVID-19—The role of robotics in managing public health and infectious diseases

By Guang-Zhong Yang, Bradley J. Nelson, Robin R. Murphy, Howie Choset, Henrik Christensen, Steven H. Collins, Paolo Dario, Ken Goldberg, Koji Ikuta, Neil Jacobstein, Danica Kragic, Russell H. Taylor and Marcia McNutt
Science Robotics | Vol 5 Iss 40

Robots are not immune to bias and injustice

By Ayanna Howard and Monroe Kennedy III
Science Robotics | Vol 5 Iss 48


Neuroengineering challenges of fusing robotics and neuroscience

By Gordon Cheng, Stefan K. Ehrlich, Mikhail Lebedev and Miguel A. L. Nicolelis
Science Robotics | Vol 5 Iss 49

Reflections on the future of swarm robotics

By Marco Dorigo, Guy Theraulaz and Vito Triann
Science Robotics | Vol 5 Iss 49

Immune evasion by designer microrobots

By Mahmut Selman Sakar
Science Robotics | Vol 5 Iss 43


Ladybird beetle–inspired compliant origami

By Sang-Min Baek, Sojung Yim, Soo-Hwan Chae, Dae-Young Lee and Kyu-Jin Cho
Science Robotics | Vol 5 Iss 41

Dynamic obstacle avoidance for quadrotors with event cameras

By Davide Falanga, Kevin Kleber and Davide Scaramuzza
Science Robotics | Vol 5 Iss 40

Wireless steerable vision for live insects and insect-scale robots

By Vikram Iyer, Ali Najafi, Johannes James, Sawyer Fuller and Shyamnath Gollakota
Science Robotics | Vol 5 Iss 44

Autonomic perspiration in 3D-printed hydrogel actuators

By Anand K. Mishra, Thomas J. Wallin, Wenyang Pan, Patricia Xu, Kaiyang Wang, Emmanuel P. Giannelis, Barbara Mazzolai and Robert F. Shepherd
Science Robotics | Vol 5 Iss 38

Modeling engagement in long-term, in-home socially assistive robot interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders

By Shomik Jain, Balasubramanian Thiagarajan, Zhonghao Shi, Caitlyn Clabaugh and Maja J. Matarić
Science Robotics | Vol 5 Iss 39

An adaptive deep reinforcement learning framework enables curling robots with human-like performance in real-world conditions

By Dong-Ok Won, Klaus-Robert Müller and Seong-Whan Lee
Science Robotics | Vol 5 Iss 46

The human brain reveals resting state activity patterns that are predictive of biases in attitudes toward robots

By Francesco Bossi, Cesco Willemse, Jacopo Cavazza, Serena Marchesi, Vittorio Murino and Agnieszka Wykowska
Science Robotics | Vol 5 Iss 46

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